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*How much can I save with reglazing vs replacement?

~ Reglazing is the way to go if you don’t want to remodel you bathroom. It can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. A band new bathtub may only cost a little as $100.00 , but there are hidden fees. These costs add up and you can easily end up spending nearly as $2.500.00 or more to replace you bathtub. 

*How long does the refinishing process take?

~ Reglazing process takes about 2-5 hours to complete.

* Does Scott’s Tub and Refinish off a warranty?

~We offer an industry leading 5 years warranty for residential work and 3 years for high traffic commercial jobs like hotels, motels, military bases and university housing.

* How to take care of your new reglazed fixture?

~It will require light cleanings with a mild detergent such as Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr. Clean or fantastic. No scrubbing or scouring will be need.

*Is there an odor while the work is being processed?

~ We come equipped with a full ventilation system to extract the odors that occur with our process, you might notice a slight odor after we are finished and this typically is gone within a few hours.

*What other surfaces does Scott’s Tub and Refinishing work on besides bathtubs?

~ We offer a variety of refinishing services for you kitchen or bath which including title, sinks, counter tops and also vanities.

*Can counter tops be reglazed?

~ Yes, Our reglazing process works on a variety of surfaces.

*Does Scott’s Tub and Refinishing repair cracks, chips, and also scratches in the bathtubs?

~ Yes, we will fill in any chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface prior to the refinishing process.

* Is the original finish the same as the new finish?

~ No, Anyone that even hints that it is porcelain is deceiving you. To duplicate a porcelain finish the fixture needs to be fired in the kiln at 2500 degrees not practical in a home. It’s a synthetic which when applied hardens to a beautiful high glass porcelain like luster. Our formula is a unique process developed specifically for the bathtub. It is laboratory tested to meet the highest standards of product performance and quality.

* Does Scott’s Tub and Refinish change any of the plumbing fixtures?

~ No, plumbing problems include leaks, broken fixtures, Etc. It must be resolved before the tub is reglazed and the material needs to stay on to dry at least 24 hours to cure.

*Can anyone use the bathtub before you arrive?

~ Yes, the tub does not need to be dry when we arrive.

*Can Scott’s Tub and Refinish do any color on the bathtub to refinish?

~Yes, for an additional charge we can reglaze in any color you could wish.

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